Cyber SyncUP Apprenticeship Pathway

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Cyber SyncUP Apprenticeship

ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas is helping individuals to launch new careers in Cybersecurity through this innovative apprenticeship program. Learners will start in a 15-week pre-apprenticeship training to gain the skills and certifications to get started. Graduates of this pre-apprenticeship program receive an opportunity to be hired on as an apprentice with an Activate employer partner with the goal of receiving full-time employment after completing the apprenticeship. 

During cybersecurity pre-apprenticeship, learners can earn the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst Certification (CySA+), equipping you with fundamental concepts in security specialties and hands-on training to enter this ever growing field as a cybersecurity analyst. 

Graduates of the pre-apprenticeship program have the opportunity to be hired into a 12- month apprenticeship as a Cybersecurity Analyst with an Activate employer partner. Industry- wide, over 90% of apprentices are retained by their employer post-apprenticeship.

Become a Cybersecurity Analyst

Rigorous pre-apprenticeship cybersecurity training that includes hands on activities using real world servers, tools, and technologies.


Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to apply in the field


Learn test taking strategies to best prepare and pass the CySA+ exam


Learn Python and electives in the AWS Educate Platform to culminate your learning experience


Receive professional development training and one-on-one career coaching to help you land a new position and thrive in your role!

Cyber SyncUP Learner Journey


  • Upcoming Course Dates: February 2022-June 2022
  • Schedule: 9am-4pm MDT, Monday-Friday; 15 weeks Duration
  • Certifications Offered: CompTIA CYSA+
  • Course Level: Some technical knowledge required
  • Cost: Tuition-free: No cost to learners!
  • Location: Remote instruction plus some in-person labs; Offered to learners in Denver metro only
  • 4 days of technical training and 1 day of professional development each week


  • Connect to a full-time paid apprenticeship with an Activate employer partner
  • Earn while you learn on the job
  • Complete off-the-job training modules to build your knowledge and experience
  • Get mentored and coached while receiving relevant feedback for growth
  • Receive wage increases as you reach specific learning milestones
  • Earn a starting wage averaging over $38,000
  • Earn two wage increases as new competencies and skills are mastered


  • Transition into permanent employment and your new career in Cybersecurity
  • Land entry level cyber roles such as Security Operations Specialist, Cyber Security Analyst, Jr. Desktop Technician, and more!
  • Earn an average salary over $42,000

Admissions Criteria

You may qualify to become an ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas Cybersecurity Learner if you:

  • Are at least 18 or older
  • Have a High School diploma, equivalent, or higher
  • Are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Have 1 year IT experience or have previously taken IT/Computer Courses
  • Live within commutable distance of Denver, Colorado
  • Can read, write and speak in English
  • Can attend classes full-time for the entire 15-week duration of the course
  • Are able to start a full-time job after course completion
  • Demonstrate work ethic, initiative, follow-through, and coachability
  • Are ready to make an important commitment to building your future

*Women, youth, unemployed, underemployed and U.S. Veterans strongly encouraged to apply

Admissions Process

1. Submit an Eligibility Form.

2. Admissions Overview: Once you submit an Eligibility Form, you’ll be directed to our Admissions Overview registration page. During this virtual webinar, you’ll learn more about our admissions process and next steps.

3. Assessments: Each training requires either an academic assessment, tech assessment, or both. Information will be provided in detail at the Admissions Overview.

4. Interview: Individuals who meet the assessment score requirements will be invited to attend a behavioral interview.

5. Background Check: Per Scholas believes technology can create opportunities and is committed to ensuring applicants are set up to succeed beyond the training program. Using a fair and efficient platform through Checkr, applicants will receive a secure link, provide the necessary virtual consents and complete the required screening information. Background check results will be provided to both the applicant and Per Scholas.

6. Offer Letter: The Admissions team will review assessment scores and interview results and offer seats to eligible candidates.

Please note, this application process is very competitive and not all applicants will be accepted for our limited slots.

Get Started!

February 2022-June 2022

15 Weeks Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Offered online to Denver area residents

CompTIA CYSA+ Certification

Connect to a Paid Apprenticeship



Q: What kind of jobs can I get after completing the Cybersecurity course?

A: Cybersecurity experts are needed in a wide range of businesses, from smaller organizations to global companies. You might also seek employment as a vulnerability tester or security auditor for a company that provides digital security services. Starting salaries vary, but the average is approximately $45,000 per year.

Check out My Colorado Journey to learn more about the Cybersecurity Pathway and the job titles and salaries that can be earned by building your career in this sector.

Q: What professional certifications can I earn in the Cybersecurity course?

A: Students have the opportunity to obtain the CompTIA CYSA+ certification in the pre-apprenticeship course. During the apprenticeship, candidates have an opportunity to earn additional certifications related to their specialty. 

How is the pre-apprenticeship different than the apprenticeship?

The pre-apprenticeship training course provides candidates with Day 1 skills and certifications they need to get started in the apprenticeship. They will have knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and are prepared to put them to use in a real-work context. The pre-apprenticeship is dedicated to full-time study for 15 weeks. This is unpaid training. 

How is an apprenticeship different than an internship?

The key things that distinguish an apprenticeship from an internship are that they are longer-term, paid experiences that provide structured learning experiences and mentorship that lead to industry-recognized credentials and ideally, a full-time employment offer. Additionally, apprenticeships are not exclusive to college students but can count toward college credit. 

Am I guaranteed placement into an apprenticeship?

While we cannot guarantee your placement into an apprenticeship, we have numerous employer partners interested in interviewing graduates of the ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas pre-apprenticeship training for year-long apprenticeships. The employers also have a goal of hiring these apprentices into full-time roles upon the completion of the apprenticeship. If you are not hired for an apprenticeship, ActivateIT will continue to work with you to help you secure full-time employment after graduation.