Solving a Business Problem


Denver is experiencing a tech talent crisis. Not only is there a shortage of talent, the current workforce lacks diversity. Current hiring practices often eliminate highly-qualified candidates from non-traditional sources, even though 40% of IT jobs can be done without a four-year degree.

The limited candidate pool stymies corporate efforts to create diverse teams that research has repeatedly shown will produce better outcomes and stronger organizational performance. We believe that Denver’s IT talent shortage can be solved by developing a talent pipeline of skilled professionals from often-overlooked communities.


  • By 2020, there will be a million-person tech talent shortage in the U.S.
  • Denver tech growth exploded in 2018. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows employment in the sector grew 7.5% compared to just 2% for all other industries.
  • In one recent month, there was a shortage of 8,607 people in Denver alone.


We identify extraordinary talent from overlooked communities, provide world-class IT training, and activate potential into success.

We help businesses develop a strategic diverse talent pool for today as well as the future. Ours is a comprehensive approach that includes curriculum development, student recruiting, instructional delivery, career-readiness coaching and job placement for in-demand roles.

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Find your next IT new hire by interviewing the top-20 skilled, professional graduates of the ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas Network Support course.

By partnering with ActivateIT, you benefit from qualified, job-ready candidates with the skills you need to compete today and in the future.

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How We Are Different

Agile like the tech we teach

We take an agile approach to education, adapting to keep relevant to your needs. We provide world-class technology training and trainers through our partner, Per Scholas.

Focused on metrics

We provide timely, transparent information to you on program status and outcomes.

A turn-key approach

We provide a comprehensive approach that includes curriculum design, student recruiting, instructional delivery, career readiness coaching and job placement.

A true partnership

We are dedicated to relationship management to meet hiring needs and create a talent pool trained in industry-driven skills.