Let’s Reboot the Economy

Remote learning toolkits to kickstart 100 careers in Denver

About the Campaign

ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas is a Denver-based nonprofit that drives positive and proven social change in communities through rigorous and tuition-free technology training and professional development. 

COVID-19 has left tens of millions of Americans unemployed, with Black and Hispanic communities being disproportionately impacted. This inequity is further magnified by the digital divide—roughly 1 in 5 Americans have no access to broadband services or laptops. 

To continue education in our new remote world, we’re raising $100,000 by the end of 2020 to supply 100 technology toolkits to ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas learners.

Each high-quality toolkit includes a laptop with a webcam, headphones, Wi-Fi access and a Raspberry Pi micro computer that learners will assemble themselves.

Our aim is to reboot the economy in a more inclusive way by improving access to high-growth careers for people of color, women, and others underrepresented in tech. ActivateIT learners become critical talent for reopening businesses and drive economic growth for communities.

Join our 1,000 Careers Campaign by donating to ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas.

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