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How ActivateIT Works

Start Learning

ActivateIT provides tuition-free IT training, preparing you for the first or next step of your tech career. Our IT courses give you the leading-edge skills that open the door to advanced career opportunities. Apply today.


Get Hired

In addition to rigorous technology skills training, we help you develop the essential competencies and growth mindset needed to land a job and excel at work. All eligible graduates have the opportunity to interview with our top employer partners.


Receive Support

Once placed, you get six months of 1:1 professional and life skills coaching needed for on-the-job success, continued career growth, and financial freedom.



Why ActivateIT?

Denver is experiencing a tech talent crisis. As experienced business professionals, we’ve seen that talent is evenly distributed across society, but opportunity is not.

We believe the solution is to develop a talent pipeline of competent professionals from often overlooked communities. To accomplish that goal, we identify extraordinary talent from untapped communities, provide world-class IT training, and activate potential into success.

Building Careers

You need more than technical expertise to succeed in a career. Business acumen and interpersonal savvy are just as important. In addition to teaching you in-demand tech skills, we prepare you with the essential competencies you need to get hired and thrive at work.

We’ve got your back. At ActivateIT, we help you understand your strengths and the skills you need to develop to achieve your goals. During the course, you’ll hone skills like initiative, creativity, collaboration, self-awareness, and productivity. Then we help you get a foot in the door by providing referrals to open career positions at our employer partners.

A Proven Program With Powerful Results

ActivateIT uses a technical training and professional development model developed by Per Scholas. Our training partner, Per Scholas, has amassed extraordinary results across 11 cities by training over 10,000 students and placing 6,000 IT professionals into careers at 500+ companies. We have replicated their model with precision and intend to realize comparable results, including:


of Per Scholas graduates land IT jobs within 12 months


of Per Scholas graduates are with their employer after one year


ActivateIT professionals will be placed in first 5 years

Work with one of our growing list of Activate employer partners